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By jrgolfca49139990, Jul 12 2017 06:46PM

Some quick tips on keeping your golf cart in tip-top condition.

1. Water your Batteries - The main reason a cart is not performing well, is not charging the batteries or lack of water in the batteries. Always use Distilled water and charge the batteries before you add the water. Do not overfill the water level should be right below the cap.

2. Charge your batteries every day. They wil have a longer life if you are "topping them off" rather than letting them die first. Also keep your cables free of corrosion.

3. Check the air in your tires from time to time. Low tires will contribute to less hours of run time

4. Check your brakes. Most carts these days are going over 20 mph and you don't need to worry about not stopping quickly.

5. Check your lights, turn signals and mirrors. If a light is out it could just be a fuse.

6. Check your rear axle for grease.

7. Steering wheel rack and pinion should be greased once a year and and make sure all boltsare tight.

8. Battery replacement. JR Golf Carts will test your batteries to be sure they need to be replaced we can also check your charger. When replacing batteries they should all be replaced at the same time, the old batteries will take longer to charge and that could basically overcharge and destroy any new battery mixed in.

I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions give us a call.

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